Counter Replacements

As a primary workspace, no one wants countertops that are unsightly and damaged. Too often though, exposure to heat, impact damage, knife marks, and chemical damage leave them beaten up, stained and gauged. ALLY BUILDERS can repair and restore your damaged countertops. Whether you have peeling and cracked laminate or you have chips and scratches in your quartz counters, we will repair damaged counters and restore them like new.

Flooring Updates

It is possible to make well-used floors look like they were freshly installed last week. We make hardwood, laminate, concrete and tiles look as good as new with our expert TLC to remove scratches, stains, chips, and gouges.
Our staff carefully prepare the work surface and surround to make sure the flooring is ready to accept the repair work. They know repairing a poorly prepped surface can lead to flawed repairs.Restoring flooring instead of replacing offers significant cost savings and means less disruption to building occupants.


Our landscaping services can help you breathe new life into the look and feel of your property. ALLY BUILDERS has many years of experience in landscape design and management. With our help, you can enhance your property’s aesthetics and practicality. Our commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services can make a huge difference to how your property looks and feels.Well-executed landscape design can increase the value of your property in a number of ways. Whether you’re wanting to overhaul your front lawn or your office garden, our landscaping services can breathe new life into your premises.


As our professional painting teams are constantly inspecting their own work, we can guarantee that we’ll leave you saying WOW! Our team of painters will show up on time and provide you with the quality you expect in a timeline that’s unexpected. Essentially, when you use a professional painting service, you’re guaranteeing a great paint job that won’t require any touch ups on your part. It’s a white glove service in every sense of the word. They know when they’ll need to power wash an exterior or use caulk to fill a tiny hole. They’re friendly, wear uniforms, and will be able to answer any painting-related questions you may have.

Tile Reglazing

ALLY BUILDERS combines experience and quality materials to repair, restore, refinish, resurface, reglaze, and recolor wall, floor, and shower tiles. The finished product and durability of tile refinishing all depends on how thorough the preparation is done and the products used to ensure that it will not not chip, peel, or discolor. Our customers receive the best materials available on the market. All employees are certified and complete a rigorous training program for refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing.

Window Replacements

Your home’s windows are one of the most vital functioning features in a home. When considering a home’s energy efficiency, windows should be the first place you look. Additionally, windows contribute to the overall appearance and style of a home. Picking the right windows is not easy, but at Bennett we can help advise you which direction to go. Whether you are replacing old drafty wood windows, or replacing poor quality builder-grade windows, we have a solution for you. ALLY BUILDERS supplies efficient windows made of wood, vinyl, or composite, plus they are always manufactured specifically for your projec

Backsplash Installation

ALLY BUILDERS installation specialists are a local professional kitchen renovation company in Chester County, PA, specializing in tile services, particularly wall tile and backsplash installation. When you need an affordable way to change the appearance of your kitchen, bathroom, or bar, Morton tile installers can help! Our professional installers have years of remodeling experience, which also frequently involves the custom installation of tile.

Cabinet Refinishing

The factory finish applied to cabinets is generally not intended to outlast the cabinets themselves. Worn finishes or outdated color schemes can make your entire kitchen look old and dated. When these surfaces are properly prepared and a cabinet specific paint or finish is applied, the results are amazing, durable, washable.Refinishing work is typically done in our climate-controlled, dust-free cabinet painting shop and can make even old cabinetry look almost new! Hardware is removed, stored, and reinstalled once the new finish has fully cured or can be replaced with hardware of your choosing.

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